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Tree Long The Sky Wise
Posted By: Kody Tillotson

Tree long the sky wise carries his home. Everywhere he goes! And all of his children, carry their own! So he taught them. Of love and dreams, how to be free! Now tree long the sky wise has many homes where his children plant seeds that grow. How is the only world I have known? Rivers and valleys held up by soul and bone. The languages surmounting the valley and it's throne. The water and the mountains say its time to write a book of kin! My tome will take folly and turn it on it's head. Anti-mind is inanimated guessing, the energy of the lucid dream is always blessing! By the time that I am done I will have conquered the dead. Come that time to rebirth family we will plant a tree in your stead. The fear of moving faster cured by particles who insight laughter! When you are reborn you will eat as you breath. Moving a little faster we will seed all colors of the sea. When the night turns black sir, invisible light is moving backwards! In the light of day the line of water is a class mate. If history has taken this long, that means the soul being eclipsed has a problem. It is that animated guessing thought it could doubt all and take you somewhere else. Then to break itself apart and to ask for your further help. But dont decide to go that way. Just burn it up and dont let it enter into the glad space! Out of most of all we are a liking for this world. Full mental habit, shade and a girl. When all women are united, it will be a better dream. Thought it couldnt happen, but that would be Animated guessing. All of the moods they thought to trace. Aspiring beyond death, released mental energy on Earth is a taste! Tree long the sky wise, carries his home. Everywhere he goes. And all of his children carry their own! So he taught them! Of love and dreams, how to be free! Now tree long the sky wise, has many homes, where his children plant seeds that grow. Welcome to Earth, give all to birth, let love into all of the lines we draw!

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