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Posted By: Kody Tillotson

Help me to forget about it. If I am diving over the edge, hold me on, the speed of one creator turns into many more. Found myself at the watery door, plunging into the perfect dwelling land. Too many more to apprehend, the thoughts lost are now brought back again. Fade in and out of being a hero man until my homeland is clean. Starting somewhere, glad you start here at the edge of the circle dream. Remembering  this moment we will build a living fence and the design will grow ever faster. Not stuck in this disaster of lumbering with what I have said. It is like body jewelry for the land, and on top of that we have just fed the man. Like it could ever seem to me, some kind of hidden victory, it is already inside you. Many people will come to see how man walks like a child. Be at poseur again, body like metal bends, and my will is still growing. Start with the star light, and fire burns in your heart. I have grown the mask and the distances apart, showing a window of time where the Science of Imagery in man creates a start. The small movements of the big movements helps to feed eternal art. Capturing me distances apart from everything, I am there again as a ghost over everything. With feelings I make part and sense of everything, my glorious home on heavenly Earth rings. Can we be capturing a dream? Swimming in the water makes my heart sing. Whipping and winding, the river is on eternal timing. Take me to the edge of the water and show me my home, in the fire light and mirror, the soul's touch-tone. Whisped away from here, a piece of land which will turn another planet into a livable home. My fire tells me to find the right poem. This is a miraculous day for finding one's own. Always!!!

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